It is hard to believe that my 2015 event season has drawn to an end, but I was delighted as always to finish the season with one of my favourite events of all time: the Dazzling Night of Neon on behalf of The Christie Charity.

Year on year this event goes from strength to strength and nothing deters the amazing participants – not wind, rain or storms!  These participants show no fear and dress from head to toe in Neon, their smiles alone light up the event with pure determination!  It is clear over the past 9 years that this event touches the hearts and souls of many participants who raise money for an incredible charity and one close to my own heart, which is why it is always a pleasure to be a part of!!

Taking a few minutes to sit back and reflect over one of my busiest event seasons with Pennine Events, at times I’m not too sure how I survived the whirlwind that is event season.  One thing is for sure it was definitely due to the great support I get from the team and our fantastic freelancer staff – their words of encouragement and support along the way always spur me on to achieve and be the best I can be and for that I want to say a huge thank you! 


Although event season can be stressful in the busy months, it is also one of the most rewarding roles!  Taking the time to reflect and looking back at what has been achieved is a must!  My favourite event memory is when a participant came up to me at Liverpool Chester Liverpool Bike Ride and just said “ Thank You”  - two simple words but for an event project manager they are two of the most important words and this should never be forgotten!  When that participant said ‘Thank you’ I could literally have cried in front of them – their appreciation of a fantastic event meant more than I can ever explain!


So now I am able to take a little time to relax, enjoy being a more ‘chillaxed’ mum, wife and friend – instead of the ‘event-zilla’ I become during event season …… forget ‘bridezilla’ anyone who works in events knows that the Project Manager becomes an ‘Event-zilla’ treating every event as if it is their own special day and nothing gets in their way!

I will be spending the last few weeks of the year on 2016 planning, preparing and looking forward to the new event season, remembering the saying that is very close to my heart and has helped me through this year:

“Dream It, Believe it, Achieve it” and I have!

With only a few weeks left of 2015, I hope you all take a moment to reflect on your own achievements this year and enjoy your own personal rewards and most of all have a Fun Festive Christmas!!



Sue White

Project Manager