What can I say…? I am a person who gets bored very quickly and needs something trendy and developing to grab my attention and keep me interested. For no particular reason, I spent my school years wanting to be a model or an air hostess… Clearly that hasn’t happened!


I always ask myself ‘Why Marketing and Sales? Why the events industry? Why have I chosen this as a career?’ Well, the answer is pretty simple... because there’s always something unconventional, progressive, inspiring and innovative, not to mention fun-filled and exciting!


I have always been greedy for knowledge and this role at Pennine Events Ltd just seemed to be the right match for me. Before I started working here, I had limited marketing and sales experience and found making calls and building relationships a daunting challenge, sometimes wondering whether or not I really had it in me!


However, my colleagues didn’t give up on me and I soon learnt that this is what apprenticeships are all about – learning something new, throwing yourself out of your comfort zone and finding your forte… 15 months down the line, here I am more confident than ever, growing into my role more and more each day and I certainly now know a thing or two about marketing!


If you have any suggestions or ideas related to our marketing and would like to get involved with Pennine Events… I’m definitely your girl!


Nilma Solanki

Marketing and Sales Apprentice