As my colleague Sue wrapped up the year so blog-tastically, I feel it only fitting to talk about the start of the season and what is to come for me personally and professionally in 2016, it is January after all.

Having joined Pennine only 6 months ago, I have really enjoyed gaining the inside track on sporting events and the complexity that is involved.  My previous experience is within the Charity Challenge sector, and this continues to be my big passion within the workplace.With my charity background, I thoroughly enjoy creating new projects that ultimately benefit charities whether it be locally or nationally.  Anyone in the office will tell you, I tend to gear all my efforts around charity and how we can help.  My hope for 2016 is that the events we create and manage bring much needed funds for amazing charities, and that we together can make a difference to others.

As always with the start of a new year, a few things spring to mind; the usual need to kick-start exercising again, fresh starts, and a sense of excitement of what lies ahead in the coming year.  All of these are particularly relevant to me this year considering it is the start of my first full year at Pennine Events, I am on a health-kick, and I am taking the plunge into marriage in 2016 (hence the health-kick!)…lots to get through but what a year ahead to look forward to!

For 2016 continuing with my cycling is a priority, having managed to previously take advantage of the bike to work scheme, I am looking to improve my cycling legs and ensure that I continue to improve my distances.  It’s a great scheme that allowed me to get hold of my Boardman CX Comp which I love.  For now it’s currently hooked up to my Turbo so I can cycle indoors, but it won’t be long until the Turbo hits the wardrobe and I’m cycling on the streets again.  It’s amazing how much getting yourself top quality equipment can change your perception and interest in an activity.  I used to find cycling a struggle but ultimately enjoyable, now I can’t get enough and even watch it on TV!  2015 will always be remembered fondly by me, the year I took part in my first cycle sportive, Liverpool-Chester-Liverpool 50 mile bike ride – and I loved it!

2015 was a great year for me professionally, having the opportunity to work on events such as: Tour of Britain, Great Manchester Cycle, and Ride Leicester. I have learned a lot in a short space of time and am looking forward to building on the experience into 2016 with the events that we have to come.  For now I’m working on developing our new Wiggle North Series which is very exciting and something I really enjoy. 

I hope that 2016 brings to you a great new start and is for you like me, a year to look forward to.


Mark Parkinson

Events Development Officer