Pennine Events worked with us to develop an Event Management Plan which included the approach to managing crowds. They also provided us with a team of staff to assist in the delivery of the event. This included control room managers and event managers at high risk locations along the route.

Pennine Events were thoroughly professional throughout and supported us to produce a robust Event Management Plan. We put Pennine Events under a lot of pressure and they always delivered what we asked of them. The company was influential in ensuring that the plans we produced were robust and were implemented on the ground despite all the challenges we faced. They worked very closely with us over a period of six months and were part of the County team and have certainly taught us a lot about how to approach event planning. The event received widespread national and international acclaim” - Tom Bryant – North Yorkshire County Council, Project Manager.
“Working with Pennine Events on the Tour de France in Skipton has been a real pleasure for us. They proved themselves to be extremely professional, very knowledgeable, and reassuringly efficient and worked well with us as a team. They certainly helped us bring Skipton to life during the Tour de France and their management of our two official Spectator Hub sites and the town as a whole was outstanding in all respects. Their first-hand knowledge and experience of working with Local Government was invaluable and extremely helpful; they understood how we work and who needs to be involved and how to pull off a town wide event with a number of partners that more than exceeded our expectations. Skipton had its largest number of spectators ever seen in the High Street and Pennine Events through their expertise ensured that this was managed safely whilst making sure that everyone had a most enjoyable time and a thoroughly memorable day” - Sharon Hudson – Craven District Council, Tour de France Project Manager.